Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

Passive Voice

1. Somebody has cleaned the room

= The room has been cleaned by somebody

2. They here parted the meeting

= The meeting has been parted by them

3. Somebody is using the computer at the moment

= The computer is being used by somebody at the moment

4. I didn’t realise that somebody was recording our conversation

= I didn’t realise that our conversation was being recorded by somebody

5. When we got to the stadium, me pond that they had cancelled the game

= When we got to the stadium, we found that the game had been cancelled by them

6. They are building a new ring road

= A new ring road is being built by them

7. They have built a new hospital near the airport

= A new hospital have been built near the airport by them

8. Somebody stole my bay

= My bag was stolen by somebody

9. Somebody was decorating the room

= The room was being decorated by somebody

10. Somebody is following us

= We are being followed by somebody

  1. Are you teaching this class ?

= Is this class faught by you

  1. The cat was not killing the mouse ?

= The mouse was not being killed by the cat

  1. Has a dog bitten you ?

= Have you got bitten by a dog

  1. Does he promote you ?

= Are you promoted by him

  1. Did they invite you the party ?

= Were you invited to the party by them

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